Is it possible for a scientist who never had schizophrenia to study schizophrenics?

Is it possible for a researcher who never run 100km race or took part in IronMan to study endurance sports?
Is it possible to utter a truth about endurance sports while searching Internet and reading data sheets in the comfort of one’s armchair?

When people research phenomena that they have never experience themselves, are their results and conclusions correct? True? Or rather superficial, even though the methodology and scientific process might be correct? How far a scientist needs to push their studies to be able to experience and be able to describe the real phenomenon, truly?

Can someone, who has schizophrenia, provide description that scientists would agree on? What is, really, the relationship between personal experience and knowledge, versus verifiable facts and data collected by scientists?

Can someone who never experienced love understand truly what love is by reading the scientific articles about love?

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