Talk by Antti Aulasvirta from UIx group at HIIT.

Typical pattern in HCI: H <-> I <-> C, with mobile devices the role of E (environment) becomes paramount. The picture is extended by E <-> H, not only for “noise” but also for other cognitive cues and other factors.

Walking reduces the performance of other tasks, roughly by 28%. E.g. for text entry completion the avr. time increases from 19 to 23s text entry completion, the reading speed drops from 27 to 23 chars/sec.

fragmentation of attention

2-4 times less time spent attending a mobile device in every-day situations (bus, cafeteria, etc)

The lab studies vs. the field studies

Ideas: Quasi experimentation, Shadish et al.
Controlled experiments, no resemblance to the real world
analogue experiments, simulation of the field in the lab
field experiments, quasi, not all variables are available, no real randomness
natural experiments, done after the fact, analysis of natural systems, and isolating how certain variables shaped the systems

Multimodal Flexibility Index (how performance is affected by absence of a particular modality, blocking)

Manual Multitasking Test, design of a battery of 12 typical tasks (CHI paper), that  cover 12 typical hand movements: everyday actions: pushing a trolley, holding a cup, holding scissors, etc etc.

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