Wintergraph, 6th Visual Computing meeting. On check-in everyone got ski pass and green ribbons. Breakfast between 7:30-10:00, then skiing. After skiing the meetings with short talks to introduce the groups.Then dinner. Then socializing, that is, playing werewolf game.


CGV group, Sven Havemann. 1prof, around 10PhDs students, 6 diploma thesis students. 5 journal+40 conference papers per annum (including all collaborations). Interests in surface reconstruction, convex polyhydra, stylized bulidings for computer games (collaboration with Activision), probado project: semantic search in 3D object spaces, virtual museum planner (multi-touch table). See

Fraunhofer Austria, Eva Eggeline. Non-for-profit, founded in 2008, head office in Vienna, applied research. Work associated with TU Graz, contract research. Physical based modelling and simulations, data vis., ambient assisted living, pedestrian flow simulation, multitouch table, material sciences, modelling heated surfaces (grain-growth with CMU).

TU Wien, Verner Purgathofer. 20-24people, 3 professors, 4 research assistants, Rendering group, terapoint project (2billion points interactive visualisation).

Andrew Straw. Working with Institute for molecular pathology. Fruit fly brain studies in the context of studying vision.

TU Vienna, Martin Haidacker (PhD student).

University of Bregnen, Norway (lectures on Mobile AR). Land cover data via crowdsourcing.

TU Graz ICG  “graphics meets vision” Horst Bischof. 4 profs, various research themes. Interactive Computing, Visual sorviliance plus visual learning, robot vision, SLAM, 3D reconstruction, Aerial vision, navigation and obstacle avoidance (quadcopter). Power line inspection project. Scene detection/analysis. Semantically meaningful change detection, tracking and reconstruction.

Georgios Sakas, Cognitive imaging and medical imaging. Liver segmentation and modelling.

AIT, Branislav Miscusik. In 2009 changed name and strategy. 900 employees. Surveillance, object detection, tracking, multiview survailance, human detection and tracking, machine learning, distributed inf. sys.



TU Wien CVL. Document restoration, archeological reconstruction, object recognition, ancient coins DB and search, interest points detection in video sequence. EMOCAM project: creating a visual diary of a day by analysis of emotional states of a participant. Fall detection project: vision based scene analysis with cameras mounted in the house. Planning 2000 house deployment in 2011.

[cogvis] Michael Brandstotter

Linz, Johannes Kepler University, www. Advanced imaging techniques. Enhanced TV modes., Georg Stonawski, Kresimir Matkovic. 70ppl, 4M annual turnover. Visualisation, rendering, visual analysis, interactive visualisation, complex systems.

Interactive System Group, Georg Csisinko. Detection and matching of low-frequency elephants vocalisations.

Austrian Academy of Science. Hamed Bouzari. Scientific visualisations. EEG study and brain activity visualisation. Brain activity in Musical Unexpectancy.

Imagination, spin-off from TU Wien. Bernhard Jung. 10 employees, funded in 1998. Scientific partners and industrial shareholders. Acquired by Qualcomm. A number of industry projects and products. Among others: FLARE – flash marker-based AR tracker. ioTracker (edutainment, infotainment). Redbulletin (magazine with AR content).

CG Club, TU Wien. Student driven working group of 12 (chosen) MSc students. Input into teaching. Working on rendering and authoring tool. Contact if interested:


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