It has been two weeks since I settled in TU Graz. The Computer Graphics and Augmented reality research group is hosting me. What a treat. The institute is about 30 amazingly smart people. Everything is well thought out, and well organised.

The research meetings last for about 45 min, and have a typical agenda in a form: new people welcomed; overview of all ongoing research projects (each team leader talks about their project progress since the last meeting); teaching issues; upcoming publications and conferences; new hardware purchases (who bought what, and what might be useful for other members of the group); in-house software development (who is building what, and who else might find use for the software); system administration; upcoming social events. YES – this all in less then 45min – everything is brief, and down to the point.

Every publication  is jointly celebrated (wine, champagne or juice). Like today, we all have celebrated 2 accepted papers for CHI2011 Рawesome achievement for the authors.

There are papers reading group seminars, where a speaker talks about some papers that he/she read and might be of interest to the entire group. And, once a week there is more serious presentation to the institute by one or two speakers on some research topic that they have spent time on.

Graz itself is a very nice, relatively compact city, with mountains all around. The area I live in now, Himteich (next to currently frozen lake) has an awesome forest, with a great running track (I’ll write about it in a minute). Due to hospitality of my hosts, I’ve got an used bicycle that I use to commute to and from work (about 20min cycling each way).

Really fast internet, serenity of the accommodation, fantastic hosts and research institute. What else can I possibly want? Nothing. I miss my family though. And friends.

I’m going for the Trends in Computer Vision Symposium, in TU Vienna on Wednesday. Yay!

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