Tonight New Zealand Alpine club in Dunedin was hosting an australian explorer Jon Muir. The 55min film about his solo unsupported traverse of Australia (2500km) was followed by over an hour long talk about his early childhood dreams, climbing, and south and north pole expeditions. Another interview with him.

A fascinating person, with great sense of humor, and incredibly strong mind. He is fascinated by nomadic lifestyle, hunter gatherer unity with nature, and nature itself. He loves to just give it a go. Among other interesting things he said, that behind most of his adventures was the curiosity of what a human being is capable of. Physically and mentally. What is the limit of our humanity?

Interestingly enough it is the same type of question that drives me to adventures, climbing, running, diving and all sort of other mental and physical activities. Only by doing can we truly understand and answer the question to ourselves.

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