Thursday, started at 14:45 or so, with a bit of delay. Lots of introductions and waffle before the competition has started. These are just some random notes I have taken during the presentations.

First: prioritization in health care (how to share public funds). Trying to establish weights and modelol of how to prioritize cases based on public opinions.

Second: jordana. math teaching, gifted kids language is the key. How to encourage children to study mathematics.

Third: imagining in medical studies. MRI in Parkinson’s Disease. Biomarkers to identify and diagnose PD early.

Fourth: Caryl. Mirror of a Medieval Monk. English literature. Restoring of an old English book. Awesome and pretty engaging talk. Very entertaining.

Five: food marketing for children. Marketing shapes the food habits. TV advertising is well covered but organised sport and sponsorship. Seeing through the eyes of children. Children take photos which are then analysed.

Six: Raman microscopy. Distinguishing the origin of the cells. Classification. Stats.

Seven: school suspension. Stood down in school. Bed effects of stand Downs for future lives.

Eight: Evan. studying sleep in the context of child obesity. Sleep hygiene. 21 kids used in the study. “Why wasn’t Oprah successful in losing weight?”

Nine: Tracy. Chemistry in action. Chemical controlled motion generation. Polymers metal reactions. Chemical actuators. Clear and engaging.

Ten: Christine. On visions and voices: spirituality and psychosis. Improve health care for psychiatric patients through drawing from spirituality.

Humanity related topics did well. The hard sciences harder to win audience and judges.

Audience favorite: Evan snd Daniel.
Supreme winner: Caryl Wyvle.

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