July 7th, 2010,

Introduction by Graham McGregor. Saying what needs to be said. Doing
what needs to be done.

* Claire Atkins, Avatars, virtual environments
Educating in SecondLife. Started 2006 first land purchase. Koru, the
first NMIT island. Social focus. Experience. Live music, live
video. 500k 2008 funding. The birth unit for the midwives. Interview
skills. Experiential training. Literature Alive.

* Ron Bull
Bottom of the Stewart Island, natural bush, pristine
environment. Talking about sea birds. Natural houses, traditional
housing. Tracking birds. Exporting birds.

* Anthony Robins, CS Otago
Artificial Intelligence group, talking about neural networks, short
term memory gets integrated with long term memory during
sleep. Research with medical imaging, reconstruction of 3D models
based on. Theory group. Graphics group (imaging, animation). Watching
window, 3D imaging, virtual hangliding, Information Retrieval Group
(how google works), Systems group (parallel hardware,
Internet). Educating in CS. Knowledge, Strategies, Models.

* Nathan Shedroff
Talking about interfaces. Using sci-fi movies as an example of design
and engineers inspiration. Some failed projects: Microsoft
clip. Social hierarchy used in holography. Design inspired by sci-fi,
and sci-fi influencing designs. New ways of interaccting, visually and
via gestures.

* Caro McCaw, Department of Design
We live in multiple places, concurrently at the same
time. Internet/travel spreads us and connects us. Artists
collaborating, through technology (email, blogs, skype, email) the
artists were to work together. History of Quarantine Island, 140 years
of history. Eat apples (not bananas) – grown here.

* Graham Strong
Dunedin ICT business cluster. 2009 43 companies focused on skills and
revenue generation. Internship programme. Otago polytech and uni
students. Speed dating. First date. Second dating:5min. Placing
interns in companies.

* Samuael
Green computing. Talking about sustainability. Complexity of inter
dependencies, of complexity of the world. Help to see the impact
people have by using technology. Everything that we do impacts
everything else. Multiple legitimate interests. Supportive creative
and critical thinking.
Looking after ICT footprint. Talking about computing people.

* Steven Sexton
Primary school teacher. Talking about education. Passive, and active
styles. Students should be driving it. They should be
participating. Cut the bureaucracy. Students mimic role models. Get
rid of textbooks. Managing self is about collaboration, competition,
and being different. Baking soda vulcanos.



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