Tuesday, 8th of February, 2010

9:10 – 10:00
Tobias Langlotz, Graz University of Technology

around 100 people, 4 profs
2 in computer vision, 2 in computer graphics

flat and non-flat surface tracking
natural feature tracking NFT
panoMT project
(on-the-fly panorama making)
sensor fusion
(kalmar filters + a range of sensor technologies)

10:05 – 10:30
Ann Morrison, TKK, Helsinki

large group

* OtaSizle, sizl.org
* Jaiku
* map Lens
* City Wall

14:00 – 15:00
Rod McColl, Fraunhoffer Institute of Technology (FIT),
Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Environments

8 researchers, boss: Dr.Wolfgang Broll

* augmented reality for science exhibitions/museums
* IP City (interactions and presence in Urban Settings)
– urban renewal
– environmental awerness
– Time Warp
– City Tales
– Wall Blogging
– Walking Explorer
– MR-Player
* underwater AR
* presence and interactions
* TOTEM (theories and tools for distributed authoring of mobile mxed reality games)

– strategic research relationship in mobile AR and context awerness
– enhance existing relationships
– undertake collaborative research in mob.AR&CA
– faclitate extended research, etc
Mark from HITLab, Chch,

* Tracking and framework: SSTT (Hartmut)
* Opira NFT (Adrian) PC-only at the moment
* Authoring: BuildAR (Julian), Esperient Creator Plug-in (Julian)
* see: Mobile Python, (Python Symbian AR)
* Android AR (sensor-based + vision based)

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