Today I’ve started a 3-day trip to Wellington and Auckland with Martin and Stuart.  Trips provide an opportunity to break the normal daily life-cycle, and often give some time to reflect on general issues, directions of our work and life. Meeting various people from all walks of life, discussing the future of the industry and all the general interacting with everyone was extremely valuable experience. The notes below provide a brief summary of the first day of the trip. 

13:30 Meeting with NZTE, Barbara Weber, Paul Frater, Stuart Barson and Martin Purvis
Reporting on Nicolas’ multicore project and ongoing work. Review of the current reports. Discussing about current and future projects of World45. Discussion about the scope of Nicolas’s input. Value chain and the overall scope of the project. Describing the compile time and runtime architecture for multicore systems that World45 is developing. Running out of time to discuss all in details.
14:30 Meeting with Prasan de Silva, Telecom
Discussing the IMS open source testbed setup. Prasan is interested in combining Second Life and IMS/Mobile connectivity. The idea is to start with the IMS testbed, and the handheld manufacturer with the software. Efforts tailored to have by the end of this year a full IMS testing lab. OpenIMS and Fokus IMS interest group. Connectivity with user apps and mashups. Possibility of using OpenMoko platform for testing.
15:30 Meeting with Mike Gunn in the Telecom Networking Lab
Impressive tour around the networking lab. Some photos to come…
17:30 Function at Media Lab
Meeting with Phil Shepard, Murray Milner, Peter Chappell, and others. General discussions and updates. 
Evening, dinner: Vegetarian restaurant on Cuba St. 

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