Yesterday, there was an article about Atari’s Golden Years. It made me reflect on some of my teen years, and it made me deeply appreciate those little things that shaped entire trajectories of my life. Like the simple event of my parents decided to buy me my first computer, Atari 800. This is when the love and obsession of computing has started. Coding the first programs and getting my head around “for” loops. And of course, spending endless hours with my sister and brother trying to work out the Montezuma’s Revenge. It is rare to be able to identify a simple event that had such an incredible effect on one’s life, but that Atari 800 shaped my and my brother future.

Interesting stories from the history of Atari include among others these two cases. One is a story of Bill Gates being fired from Atari for not finishing the Atari Basic port – the full story is in the interview with David Crane. Another interesting piece is about another two Apple employees, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – their prototype personal computer system did not got traction with “in-house” Atari product commitments – instead, they forked and formed Apple Computers. Both inspiring stories – especially for young “visionaries” that work nights to follow their dreams. Everyone has dreams, but having enough guts to follow them is easier said than done.  

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