Interesting article about Zen retreat. I’m reading more about Buddhism and Zen recently – goes well with the experiences from the experiment. The ultimate goal is to remove any forms of illusions that distort our perceptions of reality. Is enlightenment just a form of experiencing the reality in a more direct way than usual? What is real? The most important this week are the 5 rules for improvement: 1. removing ignorance (working on knowledge, and understanding the world); 2. proper use of daily items (especially food and clothing); 3. mind control (being in charge of one’s own mood and thoughts); 4. body control/endurance, 5. recognition and avoidance of dangers. So, we have been watching TV series yesterday, at Carl’s farewell party. We all enjoyed it and it felt good to sit there procrastinating for few hours with friends. I have stopped watching TV on Monday, 2nd of June: 1 documentary and 2 movie nights since then. Yesterday everyone cooked vegetarian food, lots of lentils and curry, with nice Polish pancakes with cheese and cabbage. Nice treat. No finger-food. All those rituals makes me think. Makes me contemplate the reasons why things are the way they are, and I guess I’m learning more about my own limitations. I have various preconceived ideas about my limits and what I can and cannot do. I am getting more in touch with the true reality of myself. I did not know that some of the things, such as TV or sleeping on the ground might be as hard as they prove to be. Not eating meat also gave me some weird sensation of lightness. It is very difficult to follow the precepts but it is not impossible.

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