Since 1983’s paper published by Benjamin Libet the concept of free will has been a subject of active studies in neuroscience circles. Recently the researchers could reproduce the studies and claim that our brain activities related to choice are active of up to 10 seconds before we are becoming aware of the choice ourselves. Full story on the topic has been recently published at Does it mean that the free will that we perceive and experience as us making a choice is simply an illusion created by our mind to “inform” the higher level, or meta-reasoning processes of our brain, on things that have been already decided earlier in more of bottom-up information processing model? If all information processing follows bottom-up there would be no real need to have those meta-processes in place at all. So why we are becoming conscious of our choices? Is that being fed back into the “underlying” machinery, or is it purely due to social aspects of our existence? Are we becoming aware of our own choices with the sole purpose of being able to communicate them using those higher level concepts to others?

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