Second day of the conference – some random notes and thoughts during the talks: 

John Eyes, keynote talk. The use of youtube, google, and internet by children to facilitate self-learning, and studying what interests them. John created website – created for ideas generation and discussions. Streaming mp3 recordings directly to the website and blogs. Telcos are recently being limited to infrastructure providers, to bits pushing, and they are not liking it. All the “pipes” are becoming increasingly commoditised and as a commodity the service price and pricing goes down. Therefore, telcos are naturally interested in getting into content and value added services. Another topic – Complete digital solutions: everything related to creating and managing digital personality. Apple launched, and others are doing the same. Talk focused on me, and creating personalised digital image. Integration of “me” vs. the collective perspective, where identities are blurred and become part of the “digital space” out there.

Jocelyn Cranefield, from Victoria, talks about professional knowledge sharing, through Web 2.0 technologies. Hierarchy and network-like organisation of teachers to share and filter information. The use of RSS feeds, referencing, blogging, tagging. Internalising other’s ideas, recycling them and re-expressing them as one’s own after some time – interesting point about plagiarism. 

Peter Sloep, Open University of the Netherlands (modelled on OU from UK, 100 staff, around 15 PhDs). Swift trust, open source communities, facilitating filtering and collaboration especially in the context of distance learning. 

Second Life session: Patricia S. Crowther and Robert J Cox (addicted to Second Life). LSL causing major performance headache in the SL grids. Focus on building and exploring one’s imagination. Textures 1024×1024 can be substituted with 512×512 in most of the cases. Scripts runnable throughout the movements of the prims. LSL, over 300 functions, 272 SL commands, 51 have weird behaviour, 12 deprecated, 9 have bugs, etc. Scripts that use chat channels – very bad idea. Scripting needs to be more thoughtfully done. Client-side scripting is the solution to the lag and performance challenges. Personal and guessing estimating the actual number of people active in SL – probably around 250,000-300,000 (due to people having multiple avatars). 

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